All cheerleaders die (2013)

"Declaring herself starving, she orders a macrobiotic bowl of yams, adzuki beans, kimchi, sea palm and gomasio – but asks the waitress to leave out the quinoa that is listed. After a couple of bites Li decides the dish is missing something. “Can I add the quinoa back?” she asks the puzzled waitress. “That’s how I live my life. I change my mind.”"

—Lykke Li in an interview with The Telegraph (x)
Track Name: She Way Out
Artist: The 1975
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This is a list of what I would recommend for anyone trying to get a more wholesome idea of Korean film. This isn’t the most extensive list, but is maybe more diverse than what you will find “typically” (I tried to include documentaries, queer Korean cinema, women’s cinema, films from and on the Korean diaspora). 

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